Solid cms

SOLID cms is one of our most popular products. We have taken proven content management methodologies to provide a data management tool that is perfect for any implementation. Our CMS is perfect for projects that have specific creative requirements as well as smaller projects that use a very standardized template. 

Our approach to content management is that we separate the management of your site's content from the look and feel. You will never hear that something cannot be done in our CMS because of a site template. Taking this approach enables the back-end CMS administration to be flexible and organized.

SOLID cms is optimized for ASP.NET. It was written in C# and has a fully developed API which is used to not only create HTML/XHTML websites but also to power Flash sites, social apps, mobile apps and API's.

Our less is more, simple and organized approach to content management has proven itself over and over again.


  • Complete data management
  • Friendly and flexible administration
  • Easy to learn API
  • Written in C# and ready for production
  • Plug-in architecture for data flexibility
  • Perfect for Flash, HTML, Apps or API's


Simple Easy-to-Use Interface

Simple Easy-to-Use Interface

Powerful Content ConfigurationPowerful Content Configuration