Solid Hybrid Techniques provide Transparent, Effective Project Execution

Posted - 03/27/2013

Agile development is a project management and project execution methodology that has been slowly growing in popularity since 2001. The Agile methodology provides a lightweight, less micromanaged process for project teams and project stakeholders. It was developed as a more transparent and efficient alternative to the traditional waterfall process. In waterfall, progress and effort is sequential - starting with concept to development to testing to product release. The main issues with the traditional waterfall technique is visibility and accuracy of the project process and its expenses.

Agile methodology is focused on short timelines, or sprints, and transparency of progress with regular, working software client updates at intervals during development. Using the simplicity of his Youtube video, Henrik Kniberg was able to convey the basics of the Agile methodology of Project management and ownership. Take a look.

You will find there are many software companies that completely prescribe to the Agile methodology to successfully implement web and mobile projects for their clients. As your partner, Solid Interactive uses a hybrid approach of both Agile and traditional waterfall project execution in order to successfully implement your digital project. We’ve found that many of your projects have hard deadlines with fluid requirements. We’ve tailored our development processes at Solid Interactive to adapt to these changes with minimal effort. Here’s how we use the Agile methodology to achieve our milestones in your project:

  • Our Technical Project Managers work with you to build high level requirements that can be translated into features, requests and user stories
    •  These items are organized by what is “demoable” and “testable” at the end of our sprint
  • During our initial planning period, we plan out sprint schedules that occur on a predictable timetable
    • 1 to 2 weeks intervals​
  • The story backlog or funnel is maintained and trimmed on a daily basis to provide the technical team with the most accurate presentation of the project’s goals
  • At the end of each sprint, we demo the agreed sprint results with you to increase our progress visibility and reduce your feeling of a technology black hole​
  • We set up weekly interactions and feedback sessions with you
    • These sessions play a major role in course correction, if required, as the project progresses
  • Release planning takes place based off of the progress and completion of the sprints.
  • We can either work forward towards your launch date or backwards from your project’s hard deadline.
This hybrid methodology has helped us meet your deadlines, stay within your budget and  exceed your expectations for the project. Using the best of both agile and waterfall methods ensures we facilitate successful, long-term business partnerships with you, make you successful in your market and generate additional opportunities for you with your audience.

Solid Development Contributor: Shubha Moses


Jessica Troup - Product Owner/Marketing Manager